About StEP

The Student Engagement Programme (StEP) is an on-going programme at CBS which harnesses the collective strength of one of our internal stakeholders in LUMS, the student body, to create inclusive and sustainable impact in line with the centre’s commitment to creating a strong social footprint in Pakistan. Under StEP, CBS works closely with students and provides a space for them to interact, engage, learn and respond to pertinent issues through a myriad of innovative activities. CBS organizes student-centric activities surrounding key policy issues and aims to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship and social innovation. All of the activities under StEP add to the academic experience of LUMS students by allowing them to realize their own capabilities and privilege, engage with different realities that surround them and inculcate in them empathy and motivation to become active change agents in their communities.

Student Internships

CBS' MOOC Summer Internship programme was a 3-month long internship from June 2019 to August 2019..

Awareness Campaigns

Around the world, October is marked as Breast Cancer Awareness Month to help increase attention and support for awareness, early detection and treatment of the disease..

Ambassadors for Change Programme

The CBS Ambassadors for Change Programme is an initiative through which volunteers from all schools at LUMS conduct Mathematics and English classes..

Student Competitions

CBS held its first Annual Public Policy and Governance Student Competition in 2018. This competition gave students across LUMS the opportunity to present their research in support of a policy change in..

Meet the Ambassadors

In September 2019, CBS recruited its first cohort of determined and enthusiastic volunteers who proved to be the main driving force behind this programme. In addition to their hectic study routines at LUMS, our driven Ambassadors conducted English and Mathematics classes over the weekends to ensure that The Citizen’s Foundation (TCF) alumni had a meaningful experience through this programme. Here, our change makers talk about their personal experiences.

Inspiring Voices Series
  • Sania Ayaz
    BSc (Honors) Economics, MGSHSS

    I volunteered to teach the TCF alumni a few months ago. To be honest, I thought it would be easy but as time passed by, I realized it was quite challenging, but this was a challenge worth taking. I have always liked teaching and have taken up teaching opportunities since A levels. After teaching the students for a few months, I realized it helped me improve my leadership skills and made me more responsible. Each Sunday with the TCF alumni has been nothing but delightful. It has been quite an adventure with these students because there is always a lot to learn and teach every week. The students’ determination to come and study on the weekends is definitely worth applause. I hope all of them are successful one day. I am excited for the next semester as that might bring up new challenges with teaching but in the end, it is always worth it. I am looking forward to teaching them once again next semester!

  • BA-LL.B (Honors), SAHSOL

    In my opinion, the CBS Ambassadors for Change Programme is an excellent opportunity for students to polish their skills. The curriculum and grooming provided in this programme will not only help these students excel in the taught subjects but also at the time of admission to professional institutions. The difficulties that I faced while getting into and adjusting to LUMS work as a driving force for me to help these students and guide them appropriately.

  • Usman Zulfiqar
    BA-LL.B (Honors), SAHSOL

    I am always eager to help students who are deprived of basic educational needs and guidelines. My motivation for the CBS Ambassadors for Change Programme is to get more exposure and experience in teaching children and to enhance my management skills. I also run an organization for the career counseling of students in my area.

  • BSc (Honors) Accounting and Finance, SDSB

    When I heard about this opportunity with CBS, I couldn't be more excited as I have always been passionate about teaching others. Therefore, I volunteered for the CBS Ambassadors for Change Programme as a Level 3 English teacher. This opportunity is a way for me to help these students to not only have a better understanding of the subject but also to help them succeed in their academic and social lives.

  • Researcher at Department of Electrical Engineering, SBASSE

    I believe in the philosophy of giving back to my society. This is a smart way of reshaping and reorganizing ourselves in the area of knowledge. We learn interesting facts about life patterns when we start giving what we have. That is my core purpose for joining the CBS Ambassadors for Change Programme. I would like to thank CBS for giving me the chance to volunteer for such a core and valuable initiative.

  • BS Economics and Mathematics, SBASSE

    Having a variety of hobbies from time to time, book reading is my favorite of all time. Belonging to an underprivileged area of Pakistan, LUMS gave me an opportunity to work for the same community. My eagerness to work for education led me to the CBS Ambassadors for Change Programme. This is a great experience for me so far at LUMS. In the future, I aspire to start an education movement in my town and in areas of Pakistan which are usually neglected.

  • Accounting and Finance, SDSB

    Being a part of the CBS Ambassadors for Change programme has been a great learning experience for me. I had the opportunity to polish my soft skills which has enabled me to understand people in my team and drive them to give discretionary effort towards making the programme successful. As a student of LUMS, I feel that I have a greater responsibility to contribute to society by educating the young minds of the nation. I am excited to continue as a coordinator of the programme in the next semester.

  • BS Computer Science, SBASSE

    As a TCF alumni, I am very thankful to the people who took time out from their busy lives and helped me reach where I am today. I have always wanted to give back to society and help other students like me. The CBS Ambassadors for Change Programme (TCF-LUMS chapter) was a great opportunity for me to do this. I see myself in these students and want to help them succeed in their lives and do something big.

  • BSc (Honors) Economics, MGSHSS

    I am an introverted person and have very few friends. Moreover, I have a good sense of humor and good communication skills. I love football. I am a big fan of Messi and I support many clubs including Barcelona, Manchester United, Liverpool, and Juventus. I love teaching students and have been teaching students for last three years. When I was in college, I used to teach students in my neighborhood who were deprived of good schools and academies for free. I tried my best to help them as much as I could. I learnt a lot from them, and they gave me a good experience of teaching. This led me to join the CBS Ambassadors for Change Programme and so far, it has been a good learning experience.

  • Second year MBA student, SDSB

    I am someone who likes playing different sports, reading an odd book here or there and even more infrequently, penning my thoughts in the form of poems and prose. Of late, there has been a realization that I have not really contributed towards making this world a better place. Joining this programme has been one of a series of steps I have taken to play my part in giving back to society. This collaboration between TCF and LUMS through CBS has been a wonderful experience for me. At the same time, it has been a little scary to bear some part of responsibility in the future of brilliant young minds that have found themselves limited by their circumstances. I hope this programme paves the way for these students to achieve their true potential and that as LUMS students, we may give back to society in a meaningful way.

  • Aqsa Naseem
    CBS Author

    I love talking to strangers to know their perspective, ideas and thinking in different matters. I am always in search of groups of people from different backgrounds to interact with. Moreover, I love teaching and learning at the same time. I cannot put into words the happiness I experience after interacting with students. These factors motivated me to join the CBS Ambassadors for Change Programme for teaching TCF alumni and I think I ended up learning more from them. I can say it is one of my best experiences so far. I am thankful to CBS for giving me a chance to help and be helped.

  • BA-LL.B (Honors), SAHSOL

    I love building connections with people, and I am an animal lover. I love teaching and I currently teach at four places. In addition to academic subjects, I have taught football and chess to deserving children. A day doesn't pass by without me feeling empathy for these students. These students are my life and the fact that I am a student myself, a privileged one, makes me truly understand them. This was a driving reason for me to join the CBS Ambassadors for Change Programme. This programme is an inclusive initiative that is aiding very deserving and amazing students to have a chance at life. Everyone deserves to have a chance, period. I am extremely fortunate to serve as the Head Coordinator and a teacher for this programme and this opportunity has given me a chance to improve my leadership skills. Moreover, this programme has given me a new family of inclusive human beings at LUMS and that is hard to find anywhere.