Director's Message

Dear Colleagues, Friends & Partners 

A warm welcome to the Centre for Business and Society, LUMS!

With our vision aligned with the advancement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), our center aims to create a dynamic social platform involving various stakeholders engaged in impact-oriented activities and programs.

At CBS, we facilitate knowledge exchange among diverse audiences to team up and work towards a collective goal: rethinking the role of businesses for sustainable societies. Our objectives are multi-fold. We seek to cultivate social awareness among community members and provide opportunities for them to refine and enhance their knowledge and skills. To achieve this, we curate diverse activities, including competitions, panel discussions, seminars, conferences, educational and training programs, edutainment events, and awareness sessions.

We strongly believe collaboration is vital for making a real positive impact on society. We actively partner with NGOs, businesses, and government organizations to propose innovative solutions for social and economic problems. 

I invite you to join us on this exciting journey toward a more sustainable and inclusive future. Whether you are a researcher, student, business leader, or advocate for social change, your contribution is highly valued. We embrace every opportunity to synergize our goals with potential collaborators and partners. Together, we can create a world where businesses thrive while positively impacting society through constructive change.

Best regards

Dr. Misbah Tanveer
Director, Centre for Business and Society