#BridgingTheGap Volume III: Digital Literacy Workshop for Female Artisans

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CBS-LUMS in collaboration with Kaarvan Crafts Foundation is curating the third volume #BridgingtheGap Workshop for female microentrepreneurs hailing from various sectors of Pakistan. The student society partner on this workshop is Women in Business (WIB)-LUMS.

To mitigate the urban-rural divide and digital enable the female artisans, this collaboration will focus on providing key digital enablement skills and knowledge, to the female micro-entrepreneurs belonging to rural areas in Pakistan. The two-day workshop will be organized on the LUMS campus and will be led by student volunteers from LUMS that will be recruited from the Graduate Programmes of SDSB-LUMS. 
The faculty lead for this workshop will be Dr. Misbah Tanveer, Director CBS and Assistant Professor, SDSB-LUMS. 

The target population for this workshop will be 20-25 female micro-entrepreneurs. The workshop will be founded on the culture of reciprocity and two-way learning, where both the student volunteer (mentor) and micro-entrepreneur will learn from each other. While the participating micro-entrepreneurs will benefit from an enriching learning experience, the student volunteers, too, will have much to learn from the unique journeys of these women micro-entrepreneurs who navigate tough business terrains, and attain success despite several socio-cultural and financial limitations. 

The selected students will perform the role of “Volunteer Coaches” and will be grouped with the female artisans. The volunteers will be provided with an outline of topics that will be covered by them in each segment throughout the two-day sessions.

Kindly also note following details: 

Days & Dates:            Saturday & Sunday – February 24-25, 2024  
Timing:                        9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Venue:                        SDSB-LUMS

If you are interested in the opportunity, please register via the following link: https://forms.gle/PpJRHXosgGvuANs49

Deadline to register: Monday, Friday 5, 2024  

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