#JoiningHandsofKindness: Visit to an Old-Age Home

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Keeping the value of social service, empathy & responsibility at the core of its objective, CBS organised a volunteer-led initiative for a visit to an Old Age Home on September 22, 2023. For this purpose, CBS on-boarded 5 volunteers from across the LUMS Student Community, who worked in close capacity with the CBS team to visit and interact with the elderly members residing at the Old Age Home.
In an attempt to engender positivity and hope, in the routines of these elderly members, CBS launched this three-pronged one-day programme: 
1.    Activity Clusters: This included activities & board games led by the student volunteers and CBS team, to build an environment of vigor and enthusiasm. 
2.    Peer Sharing and Counselling: In this session, the students sat with the elderly members to talk about their journeys, so they find comfort and solidarity with other residing members. 
3.    Care-Bags: The CBS team prepared care-kits for the elderly members along with literature books for their enjoyment. The care-bags were distributed by the student volunteers among the elderly members. 
The CBS team along with the volunteers met with the members residing at the old-age home to share messages of positivity and created an environment of camaraderie and companionship. 

Activity Type
Bait-ul-Zaeef (Old Age Home)