Economic Implications of the Climate Crisis

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Under its mandate of curating critically important conversations rooted in the UN SDGs, CBS organised a speaker session titled “Economic Implications on the Climate Crisis”. The talk, held on August 3, 2023, was led by Dr. Salman Ahmed who is an Economist by profession and is currently serving as the Global Head of Macro and Strategic Allocation at Fidelity International (an international company that provides investment management services). 

The highly interactive session featured a diverse audience with students and faculty hailing from academia along with industry-wide experts. The talk, which was rooted in Dr. Salman’s thematic research, dissected various crucial socio-economic impacts of climate change on the global landscape. A special emphasis throughout the conversation, was placed on the impact of the crisis in the local context of Pakistan and its vulnerable communities. 

The session concluded with discussions on the way forward to mitigate the severity of the climate change impact on Pakistan and its economy through infrastructural development, strengthening geo-political dynamics and community-wide measures to become more climate resilient. 

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