#BridgingTheGap Volume II: CBS visit to Multan

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CBS visited Multan on May 29-30, 2023 as a part of its on-going partnership with Kaarvan Crafts Foundation. The partnership is rooted in gender equality and the development of business literacy and various soft skills, among female microentrepreneurs.

The visit was a follow up of the training workshop which was organized by CBS and funded by the Syed Babar Ali Foundation, held in SDSB in Fall of 2022 titled "#BridgingTheGap"

This visit featured an Ice-Breaking session and a Learning Needs Assessment session with 15 female microentrepreneurs that was led by Dr. Misbah Tanveer Chaudhry on day 1. The objective of this session was to understand and identify the gaps in their business knowledge. This was followed by an Impact Assessment Focus Group on day 2, with 20 female microentrepreneurs who were a part of last year's workshop. They filled out a survey developed by CBS and expressed their views on how the workshop had boosted their confidence and taught them crucial tips and tricks to elevate their businesses and it's efficiency. On both days, the activities concluded with an awareness session on breast cancer by Dr. Misbah Tanveer. 

These initiatives are the centre's efforts in empowering individuals of the society and to develop their knowledge and skill sets, to build an equal and equitable community.

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Multan, Punjab