Breaking Barriers: Gender-Focused Political Empowerment

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One of CBS’ core thematic pillars is Capacity Building through various customized trainings for stakeholders in the public sector of Pakistan. Thus, under its mandate, CBS organised a multi-faceted Training Programme titled “Breaking Barriers: Gender-Focused Political Empowerment” in July, 2023. 

The centre partnered with Co-Water International and WEPP-KP (Women’s Empowerment and Political Participation in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) for the programme which featured 16 participants. The participants were Officers from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Commission on Status of Women (KPCSW), Social Welfare Department and KP Planning and Development Department (P&DD). 

Dr. Misbah Tanveer Chaudhry (Director, CBS & Assistant Professor, SDSB) served as the Programme Director while Dr. Faiza Ali (Associate Professor, SDSB) was the Programme Co-Director. The expert training faculty also featured Dr. Jawad Syed (Professor, SDSB). 

The sessions were designed on an interactive & activity-based methodology to create a holistic and conducive learning environment with the objective of carving out potential implementable policy frameworks in Pakistan. The programme spanned across four days and featured group sessions and presentations, various case studies from local and international perspectives, and strategic planning exercises through comparative analysis between Pakistan and other nations. 

CBS will continue in its efforts towards its long-standing commitment to the development of a sustainable skillset and workforce in Pakistan’s public sector with the aim of building sustainable communities in the country. 

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