Roundtable Discussion: Innovative Solutions to Plastic Pollution

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Roundtable Session

Under CBS’ work rooted in the thematic pillar of sustainability, the centre partnered with Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI) to organize and host a Roundtable Discussion on plastic circularity in Pakistan. This crucially important conversation was titled “Innovative Solutions to Plastic Pollution” and was held on June 5, 2023 at SDSB-LUMS. It served as a second volume to the panel talk on responsible plastic consumption which was held by CBS in collaboration with WWF-Pakistan, last year.

Moderated by Dr. Zehra Waheed (Assistant Professor, SDSB-LUMS), this discussion featured 13 expert participants from industrial, entrepreneurial, and academic domains who have been engaged in diverse ways to promote and practicalize plastic circularity, in their respective fields. 

Dr. Tariq Jadoon (Provost, LUMS) and Mr. Kashif Anwar (President of LCCI) were the honorary guests at the panel. They both shared their insightful opening and closing remarks on the importance of consumer awareness through such sessions, to urge the masses towards adopting sustainable living practice. Their presence at the discussion is a testament to the dedication of both institutions, distinct in their mandates, towards eradicating plastic pollution and building more sustainable societies. 

The discussion explored the themes of plastic consumption and methods adopted by various organisations towards plastic circularity and sustainable planning, as well as educating various stakeholders of the society towards effective waste management. It also discussed economic equality of sustainability-driven products to encourage the purchasing attitudes of the consumers. 

This session, pertinent to Pakistan’s currently deteriorating environmental health, also extracted key policy takeaways that would be beneficial for the community stakeholders so we may each play our part towards a cleaner and more sustainable future

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Faculty Lounge, SDSB-LUMS