One School at a Time: An Immersive Volunteer Internship Programme


Under its mandate that is built on the development of the community and its stakeholders, through the advancement of various UN SDGs with particular emphasis on education, CBS-LUMS is very excited to launch its inaugural 

“One School at a Time: An Immersive Volunteer Internship Programme”.

The programme is being organised in collaboration with LSU (The Lahore Students Union) and will span a duration of four weeks from May – June 2023. CBS is looking for students currently enrolled at LUMS, who are passionate towards working in the education sector and driven to create a change through community service.

The programme features three roles: 1. English Teacher, 2. Mathematics Teacher and 3. Coordinator. The shortlisted students will visit a public school, selected for this cycle, up to 3 times a week to execute their given roles & responsibilities. The transportation for each visit will be provided by CBS.

If you are interested in the opportunity, please sign up on the following google form by May 21, 2023.