Click for Change Photography Exhibition & Auction

auction event

CBS-LUMS organised a Photography Exhibition & Auction Event, as a part of its Annual Photography Competition, “Click for Change” 

The competition is held in collaboration with LUMS Photographic Society (PhotoLUMS). The contest has so far successfully executed three cycles, with the latest one (2022-23) launched as an Inter-University Competition. Click for Change, is organised each year under CBS’ creative vision of creating awareness and advancing the United Nations SDGs, through an individual’s innovative & artistic photography skills. The thematic focus of the cycles so far has been rooted in the SDGs, with inclusivity (2019-20), climate crisis (2021-22) and peace & harmony (2022-23) as the contest themes respectively

Owing to the success of the competition, CBS organised a Photography Exhibition on March 16, 2023, to showcase the winning and honorable submissions across all cycles held so far. The exhibition that was held in the Central Courtyard at LUMS, also featured a ceremony to announce the winners of the 3rd cycle. Six winners across two categories of Photography & Digital Arts, were announced. The winners included students from institutions across Pakistan and were a true testament to the vision of the competition

A certificate distribution ceremony was carried out, led by Dr. Misbah Tanveer Chaudhry (Faculty Director, CBS), Arzoo Ali Gauhar (Manager, CBS), and featured the judges for the competition as well. The ceremony concluded with a Shield Award presented by Team CBS-LUMS to PhotoLUMS, for being a collaborative partner and under the centre’ mandate of celebrating its student-led partnerships.