Round Table Delegation Meeting: Development of Entrepreneurship in Pakistan

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CBS-LUMS organised a round table discussion under the objective of the development and advancement of female entrepreneurship in Pakistan. The session, held on March 6, 2023 at SDSB-LUMS, featured 21 participants from a delegation across 9 institutions. 

The round table session was opened by Dr. Misbah Tanveer Chaudhry (Faculty Director, CBS-LUMS and Assistant Professor, SDSB-LUMS). She introduced the centre’s work, in particular emphasis on the activities and programmes conducted by CBS under the thematic focus of female entrepreneurship. This was followed by a presentation from Dr. Shahid Qureshi (Rector, GIFT University, Gujranwala), that was centered around the vision of GIFT university’s academic development in entrepreneurship and to on-board various universities, including LUMS, with similar thematic pillars to synergize towards this goal. 

The session concluded with an MoU signing ceremony between GIFT University and LUMS. The participants also shared their valuable input towards creating a structured framework dedicated to imparting academic and practical entrepreneurial knowledge and skills onto its beneficiaries. Furthermore, the participants discussed ideas pertaining to the promotion of entrepreneurship education in schools, colleges and universities with special focus on developing entrepreneurial mindset among youth and women.

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Faculty Lounge, SDSB-LUMS