Webinar on Animal Welfare in Pakistan

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Being Kind to Every Kind: Animal Welfare in Pakistan

Under its mandate of creating sustainable societal impact, CBS – LUMS organised a first of its kind, webinar on the animal welfare in Pakistan. 

The virtual event titled “Being Kind to Every Kind: Animal Welfare in Pakistan” was held on November 10, 2022. The panel curated by CBS featured experts from across the globe who had extensive experience in legal, academic, activism and philanthropy work. The six-member panel included Altamush Saeed (Lawyer and Co-Founder of “Charity Doings Foundation”), Dr. Rajesh K. Reddy (Programme Director at Center for Animal Law Studies (CALS), Lewis & Clark Law School), Todd Shea (Founder of CDRS), Romana Bhatti (Vice President of Todds Welfare Society), Hira Jaleel (Lawyer and Teaching Fellow at CALS, Lewis & Clark Law School) and Lyza Rashid (President, Animal Welfare Society at LUMS).

The highly informative session touched upon very crucial aspects of welfare in the wildlife, livestock, and domestic animal community. The panelists also spoke about the current legal developments and the improvements direly needed to strengthen the legal framework for animals in the country, the need for more veterinarians and international examples of animal welfare, that Pakistan can learn from. 

The panelists also gave their viewpoints on the awareness required for the masses in order to cultivate empathy and to maximize individual and community-wide efforts for the betterment of the animals. 

CBS, LUMS makes active efforts of bringing important topics to the forefront by hosting insightful and educational forums and activities that talk about pressing societal issues pertaining to all aspects of the community: the humans, the environment and the animals. 

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