CBS Ambassadors for Change Programme 2023


CBS Ambassadors For Change Programme

The 4th cycle of CBS-LUMS' annual flagship “Ambassadors for Change Programme” was a 14-week long programme that spanned from January till April 2023. The programme is held annually in partnership with The Citizens Foundation (TCF-Pakistan)
The previous three cycles (2019-2020, 2021 & 2022) witnessed monumental success with 57+ volunteers from the LUMS student body and 210+ TCF alumni, as participants. Following the success of the first three cycles, CBS-LUMS launched the 4th cycle November 2022. 

This programme lauds the legacy of CBS' work under SDG 4 and is rooted in the principle of education equality, under which it strives to create access and opportunity in tertiary education for underprivileged students. The aim of this programme is to assist TCF alumni to improve their test-taking abilities, thus giving them an equal chance of clearing entry tests required for their admission in tertiary education. 

The 4th cycle was a 14-weeks long programme from January till April 2023 in which alumni of TCF schools visited LUMS campus on consecutive weekends for English and Mathematics classes. This student-engagement programme was led by a team of student volunteers from across LUMS that were on-boarded by CBS-LUMS in the capacity of two major roles: Teachers and Coordinators. A cohort of 27 student volunteers was recruited for the cycle from across all five schools at LUMS. During the 14-weeks of the programme, the classes also included weekly motivational and guidance sessions along with various interactive activities for the development of the IQs and EQs of the TCF alumni. 

Orientation of the 4th Cycle

CBS-LUMS in partnership with The Citizens Foundation (TCF) has kicked off the 4th cycle of its flagship educational programme “CBS Ambassadors for Change Programme”. The orientation took place on January 15, 2023 in Suleman Dawood School of Business - LUMS 

It was attended by 76 TCF students and a cohort of 27 volunteers who have been on-boarded by CBS from the LUMS student body to participate as teachers and coordinators. The event was officially opened by Team-CBS who discussed the essence of the programme that is rooted in the centre’s efforts towards educational empowerment in the community. This was followed by opening remarks by the TCF Team and video testimonials by TCF alumni of the programme and LUMS Alumni from the previous cohorts, who lauded the vision of the programme and encouraged the audience to partake with dedication and commitment. 

The TCF students appeared in two pre-tests (English and Mathematics) that were invigilated and checked by the LUMS Volunteers. The programme that spans three months, will take place every weekend with English and Mathematics classes, on Saturdays and Sundays respectively. 

Workshop Series by LUMS Consultancy Group (LCG)

CBS in collaboration with LUMS Consultancy Group (LCG), held a two-part workshop series as a part of the 4th cycle of CBS' "Ambassadors for Change Programme", that is held in partnership with The Citizens Foundation (TCF).

The workshop, held on February 18 & 25, 2023 in SDSB-LUMS, was developed, designed and executed by the society members of LCG for the TCF alumni who are a part of the current cycle of the programme. The interactive and activity-based workshop was centered around the themes of problem solving, critical thinking and communication skills.

At the conclusion of each workshop, refreshments were handed out to the audience and certificates were distributed among the LCG members, signed by the management at CBS-LUMS

CBS Ambassadors for Change Programme is the centre's flagship educational programme and the centre actively curates various activities and workshops for the development of soft skills, for the TCF alumni

Leadership & Entrepreneurship Session

A session by, Muhammad Dayyan, (LUMS Alumni, Entrepreneur and Technology Consultant), was organised by the LUMS Student Volunteers of Mathematics Class, and CBS-LUMS. The activity-based session included written and verbal exercises centred around the development of leadership and entrepreneurial skills and featured career guidance discussions for the TCF Alumni. 

NOP session
Session on National Outreach Programme at LUMS

The CBS team and the student volunteers conducted a session led by Syed Muhammad Abdullah, an NOP scholar, to discuss the National Outreach Programme at LUMS. The objective of the session was to encourage the TCF alumni so they can apply at LUMS for higher education. The NOP scholar along with the student volunteers discussed the advantages of the programme and application process. The volunteers also aided the TCF alumni in the application submission process at LUMS.