Building Beautiful Minds - Learning and Leadership Workshop

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UN International Day of Education is observed every year on January 24th. To celebrate this day and CBS’ thematic pillar of education, the centre organized a multifaceted workshop for the students of LUMS which was attended by students from across all schools and disciplines. The workshop led by Mr. Nasser Aziz, with its interactive and insightful content touched upon various subject matters such as development of a personal vision, core communication elements and understanding individual mental capabilities to truly unlock one’s potential to excel both in personal and professional relationships. With references from various pieces of literature, motivational videos and mental exercises, the workshop built an exciting aura of encouragement and confidence in the attendees. 
One of CBS’ core values is empowering education in the true spirit of UN SDG 4 “Quality Education for All”. The centre makes an active effort towards providing an educational and learning platform to all students, in and out of LUMS.

Activity Type
Seminars, Talks and Lecture Series
Auditorium B-2, SDSB - LUMS