CBS Ambassadors for Change Programme 2022 Orientation


To kickstart the third cycle of “CBS Ambassadors for Change Programme” - 2022, CBS and The Citizens Foundation (TCF) organized an orientation session on January 30, 2022 which was attended by over a 100 TCF students and 39 Volunteer Ambassadors recruited by CBS. 

The orientation kicked off with individual introductions and a video that showcased the journey of the programme since its inception in 2019 followed by a detailed explanation of various aspects of the programme by the TCF team. The students were then split in various auditoriums for their pre-tests which were carried out for their preliminary evaluation. Keeping in view strict precautionary measures for Covid – 19, students were asked to keep their masks on and maintain social distancing throughout the session. 

The auditorium was buzzing with excitement and eagerness for the programme to begin and give the cohort of students and volunteer ambassadors, the chance to interact and make the upcoming 3 months, a worthwhile educational and learning experience. 

The cycle officially commenced from February 5, 2022