CBS Ambassadors for Change Programme 2021


Chapter Two: Virtual Coaching Edition 

After the success of the first chapter in 2019-20, CBS collaborated with TCF again this year for the second chapter of the Ambassadors for Change Programme. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has had a severe impact on the education sector and has particularly affected the schooling, attendance and learning of students from marginalised communities. Given the need of the hour, TCF piloted a virtual platform with online learning features such as lessons, quizzes, tutorials and chat forums, and this programme was executed virtually. 

The virtual chapter of the CBS Ambassadors for Change Programme targeted TCF alumni who had passed their matric papers and would be applying to undergraduate degree programmes after their intermediate education. A cohort of 35 volunteers from across all schools of LUMS was taken on board as Coordinators, English Learning Coaches and Mathematics Learning Coaches.  The second cycle was organised in August 2021.
The Learning Coaches interacted with their designated students through the group discussion forum, private chats and correspondence in the Moodle app. Their responsibilities included encouraging students to complete their weekly assigned tasks by using the course tracker, tracking student attendance and engagement with the application, monitoring student progress, holding counselling hours and grading tests.

Chapter Highlights 

Meet-and-Greet and Focus Group Activity

CBS organized a follow-up activity to the CBS Ambassadors for Change Programme 2021. As the Foundation Cycle was held virtually in August 2021, CBS invited some of the students from the cohort along with the TCF team to meet and interact with the CBS team and volunteers on campus. The activity included focus groups held to encourage an up close and personal, in-depth discussion with the participants regarding their experience in the programme. The conversation was also centered around how to make future cycles of the programme more effective and efficient. The CBS team had a wonderful experience interacting with the participants who enthusiastically voiced their opinions and shared their feedback.