CEO Haleeb Foods Discusses Growth in the Dairy Sector at a Talk Organised by CBS

Monday, May 13, 2019

The Centre for Business and Society (CBS) and SDSB hosted Mr. Memosh Khawaja, CEO Haleeb Foods and Vice President of the Pakistan Dairy Association at LUMS. Mr. Khawaja delivered a talk on the growth potential of the dairy industry and the opportunities in the sector for young professionals and entrepreneurs.

Mr. Khawaja earned his MBA degree from LUMS in 1993. Prior to joining Haleeb Foods, he led Henkel, Germany Laundry and Home Care Division’s global financial steering worth €5 billion. As CEO Henkel Middle East, he successfully managed to double the revenue and exceeded the global profitability standard. With 25 years of professional experience working in global corporations, Mr. Khawaja’s long term goal is to make a significant professional and social contribution in the developing world. As the CEO of Haleeb Foods, he has been steadily transforming the company and diversifying its portfolio into a modern, forward-thinking company in terms of its employees, processes and plants.

Mr. Khawaja was recently appointed as Vice Chairman Pakistan Dairy Association (PDA), which further cements his position as a key influencer in shaping policies governing the dairy industry of Pakistan. In addition, he also heads the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI)’s Standing Committee on Dairy. Through this position he aims to further strengthen PDA’s cause to establish strong backward and forward linkages amongst all the stakeholders in the private as well as public sector.

During the session, Mr. Khawaja shared his views on the substantial growth potential in the processed milk industry. He described how a slight growth of just 2% to 4% would have a huge impact on the country’s economy in terms of increase in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), creating employment opportunities, increased income for farmers, increased exports, and higher tax revenues. He gave insights into the role Haleeb Foods is playing in providing farmer development services, building local industry capacity, and enhancing quality standards.

The talk was followed by an invigorating Question and Answer session with faculty, staff and students. The audience and Mr. Khawaja discussed the importance of transforming perceptions within the dairy sector, and the critical role of regulations and polices to regulate the sector and achieve higher growth.