Current Executive Training Programme

CBS offers a comprehensive range of executive development programs. They are designed to bring the integral management of Pakistani Civil Society Organizations and the Government of Pakistan organizations to a higher level of management excellence, accountability, and transparency. The programs are intended specifically for public and non-profit sector managers and leaders who wish to enhance and expand their skills.

The courses are taught by world class faculty seasoned both by their experience in leading institutions around the world and by the recently concluded five-year Assessment and Strengthening Program (ASP) at LUMS. Situated at LUMS, CBS has modern, purpose-designed facilities which encompass a range of conference rooms, small syndicate rooms suitable for breakout sessions, dining facilities and a fitness center.

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Training Program Areas Covered
Financial Management
  • Context of Financial Management
  • Cost Allocation and Management
  • Governmental Budgeting
  • Capital Budgeting
Procurement Management
  • Procurement Planning and Management
  • Procurement Need Analysis
  • Supplier Assessment, Selection and Development
  • Contract Negotiation and Award
  • Contract Management
  • Procurement Risk Management
Human Resource Management & Administration
  • Role of HR in Organizational Transformation
  • State of HR: An International Perspective
  • Job Analysis
  • Performance Management
Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Introduction to Results Based Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Introduction to Logic Models
  • Preparing a Results Chain
  • Developing Indicators
  • Quantitative Data Collection Tools and Processes
Project Management
  • Issues in Public Sector Projects
  • Project Scope
  • Project Planning Tools
  • Project Organization
  • Earned Value Analysis
Development and Leadership: The Gender Dimension
  • Democracy & Governance: The Gender Dimension
  • Gender in the Context of the Constitution & Law
  • Gender Challenges in the Public Sector
  • Gender Dimensions in the Private and Non-Profit Sector
  • Valuing Individual & Leadership Differences
Leadership & Cultural Change
  • Leadership & Personal Change
  • Developing Strategic Intent
  • Leadership & Decision Making Styles
  • Leadership & Institutional Change
  • Implementing Change: Challenges & Strategies
Forensic Audit 
  • Introduction to Forensic Accounting
  • Scope and Overview of Forensic Accounting in Pakistan
  • Financial Reporting Frauds
  • Warning Signs of Financial Reporting Fraud
  • Detecting Fraud in Financial Reporting
Fiscal Decentralization
  • Overview of Governance Models and Rationale for Fiscal Decentralization
  • Theoretical Frameworks and Approaches to Fiscal Decentralization
  • Decentralization in Pakistan: The 18th Constitutional Amendment
  • 7th NCF Award
  • Revenue Forecasting
  • Revenue Potential and Structure in Provincial Taxes
Procurement Audit
  • Overview of PPRA Procurement and Tendering Process
  • Audit Strategy for Needs Assessment
  • Auditing the Development of Options
  • Developing & Auditing Specifications
  • PPRA Tender Process
Communication Strategy & Management
  • Communication as a Tool for Development
  • Impact Assessment
  • Audience-Centric Communication
  • Crisis Management Studies
Customized Trainings
  • For staff of international aid organizations and local corporations